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Plastic Free


The founder of Tea of Mine holds your health and the health of the planet as top priorities. She strove hard to build a plastic free, sustainable brand and chose 100% organic ingredients for Tea of Mine blends, which are better for your health and better for the environment. 


You might be wondering whether organic tea blends are significantly superior to regular blends. Well, look at these facts and decide for yourself. Non-organic ingredients are often sprayed with pesticides and grown using chemical fertilisers. When the tea is brewed, some of those chemicals may be released, contaminating your tea. Furthermore, they can have long-term harmful effects on the environment, as well as jeopardising the health of the farmers who cultivate the crops. 

Tea of Mine has also made a conscientious choice to use loose leaf tea rather than teabags, thus avoiding material waste (the tea leaves can be composted) and safeguarding your health. Many commercial tea bags release micro-plastics which can be prejudicial to your health when the tea is consumed regularly, and are therefore unfit for composting. We recommend using our infusers, which are large enough to allow the tea leaves to expand and release their natural goodness.


We have taken great care over the way we package our teas. The tea is sealed in plastic free, compostable clear bags made from reusable wood pulp (they look like plastic but they're not!) harvested from sustainable forests, ensuring that it reaches you in perfect condition. The clear bags are placed in attractive cardboard containers with durable metal lids, which can be reused for multiple purposes once empty, and ultimately recycled.

Even our shipping mailers are plant-based and are 100% compostable and biodegradable. We are plastic free down to the smallest detail, such as wrapping, taping and labelling.


Tea of Mine is doing its best for a better you and a better world. So by buying Tea of Mine blends you are not only making a delicious and healthy choice but are making a valid contribution to the health of our planet.