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Tea of Mine is an Azorean/Portuguese brand of tea. The founder of the company was born in the Azores, an archipelago belonging to Portugal, in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, renowned for its natural beauty. Tea-drinking is particularly common in the islands, and it is no coincidence that the largest island, São Miguel, has the only active tea plantations in Europe.

So growing up in the Azores motivated the founder of Tea of Mine to explore and create her own blends of tea to suit her own daily wellness objectives, namely, a balanced diet, regular exercise and a good night's sleep. This ultimately resulted in Tea of Mine, which offers premium quality teas, with carefully selected, 100% organic ingredients from all around the world.


The recent explosion of tourism in the islands has made the islanders increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, and the founder is dedicated to this cause. Finding plastic free packaging for packing and shipping the tea has been a challenge but Tea of Mine is proud to say that it is completely plastic free. Visit our Plastic Free page for more details. 


Tea of Mine uses 100% organic tea, as we not only care about the environment but also about your health. Each unique blend is specially selected using high quality ingredients that come from all over the world. Purely organic tea is far better for your health as it is completely free from chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers which could contaminate tea during the brewing process. Organic tea farming not only protects the consumer, but also the farmers, as they avoid the harmful effects of using chemical sprays on the crops. The organic farms tend to be small concerns, where the workers learn to work in harmony with nature and to respect the environment, whilst they in turn earn respect for their commitment.


Having investigated the differences, we have chosen to sell superior quality loose leaf tea rather than using tea bags. There are a number of advantages to be gained from loose leaf tea: the leaves tend to be larger, so there are fewer ‘fannings’ or ‘dust’ which can cloud the tea and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The leaves swell when brewed, which enhances both the flavour and aroma. The use of tea bags allows little room for expansion, whereas our attractive infusers are large enough to provide for this, so that the full depth of flavour comes through. 


While we want to contribute to your health and well-being, we also want to provide you with moments of enjoyment and relaxation daily. To enhance the flavour of our tea, we have used a natural fruit ingredient, along with health-giving herbs. Choose one of our wellness teas to suit your particular needs and discover just how delicious they taste and how good they can make you feel.